Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Justus' first visit with Santa!

A couple of weeks ago, Justus came home with a paper from his preschool that said, "Pictures With Santa". I put him in a cute little sweater that a friend gave to us and some jeans and sent him on to school. I opened his backpack about a week later and this is what I found:

I was so tickled! I am crazy about this picture! Justus loves all things Christmas. One of the awesome things about adopting and "older" child is that they SO GET into all the little things. He is crazy about Santa. I hadn't even decided how much emphasis we were going to put on Santa, but the big kids already had told  him all about Santa. He's read books, seen the movies, you name it. He points out every statue of Santa we see anywhere. Now, he also has been taught the true meaning of Christmas as well. He lights up when he sees a nativity and shows me baby Jesus. His memory verse for church was John 3:16 and we talk about it being Jesus' birthday and how the wise men gave gifts and that's why we exchange gifts.

Santa is fun though! It's fun having a little one in the house again who gets elated with making "reindeer food" and reading every Christmas story he can get his hands on.

Some time in November, we were at the library and it was Justus' first Christmas tree to see (There was one in Ethiopia in our hotel, but I don't think he remembers it.). He ran into the library, saw the tree, and exclaimed, "OH MAMA LOOK!!! IT'S A CHRISTMAS TREE! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!" He was loud and just enthralled by it's beauty. He walked over to it and grabbed the mini-lights and said, "mama, what are these? They are beautiful." With as much enthusiasm as I could, I answered, "They are lights baby". He said, WOW! and just continued staring. He walked around showing everyone his new Christmas ornament of "Mater" for days. He loves this presents, the wrapping, the name it....

His excitement is genuine and pure. It's so refreshing. It gives me just a little glimpse of what it must have been like when the angels saw Jesus.  I am truly thankful to have the experience of seeing Christmas through Justus' eyes this year.

Merry Christmas!
With Much Love,

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